Let me introduce myself.:

My name is Yvonne, Mother of three, Rescuer of recyclables, Master of invention, Artist on glass, The spray paint queen, Hoarder of glitter and gems, Collector of ribbon, Admirer of lace, Dreamer of sunny days, Lover of flowers…… A romantic at heart.

Making and creating things has always been my  passion.  I love taking something tired & old and breathing life back into it.  My up-cycled and rejuvenated lamps and candle lighting will give your home a warm, welcoming rosy glow.  I use vintage fabrics and lace that give the opulent feel of times gone by.

I also sell unique hand painted glasses that are functional as well as beautiful.  They are all done free hand without the use of stencils or patterns.  Due to the nature of of hand painting techniques, each glass will have slight differences.  However, this only adds to the unique characteristics of your “art on glass”.  The eco friendly paint is non-toxic and dishwasher resistant on the upper rack, although to keep the colours brilliant and bright I recommend hand wash and drying them.

It is my goal to create a piece of art for you to cherish for a lifetime.  A true labour of love inspired by the beauty of nature.